About Us 有關我們

The Chinese Student Fellowship is running by St Philip and St James Church with the helps of brothers and sisters from other churches and Christian organisations. We are all working as volunteers. We aim to offer a platform for Chinese students to learn more about English language and culture during their stay in the UK. We would like the Chinese students to be able to bring back home a true English experience and friendship apart from the academic achievement they get from their study.

History of project 历史简介

This project is started in 2010 by a retired clergy's wife who has deep compassion to the Chinese students whom she felt are quite lonely because of language barrier or cultural clashes.  With the support of other brothers and sisters in the church and also other lovely people from other churches and organisations who share the same passion, the Chinese Students Fellowship took flight.  Later, we form a partnership with the chaplaincy of the University of Gloucestershire and together we provide supports and friendship to students from the local college and the university and also to scholars and visitors.