Funeral of Patrick Harris

22/01/2021 13:30

We believe that many of you who attended the Cheltenham Chinese Student Fellowship might remember Patrick Harris. As well as an English gentleman, he was an English grandfather figure to a lot of the Chinese students and other Asian students alike. With the deepest sadness, I have to tell you that he passed away on the 26th December, 2020. By the grace of God, his last moments were in peace, surrounded by his family’s love. 

You might remember him, of his love towards the international students and his enthusiasm in helping them in any way possible. His kindness and amazing support to the international students at the university has been hugely appreciated and indeed, about three years ago Gloucestershire University made him an Honorary Fellow in recognition of these contributions to the university. However, some of you may or may not be aware that Patrick had been a missionary working far away in Argentina helping the aboriginals of the country for many years before he came back to the UK and became the bishop of Southwell and Nottingham. It was only a while after that he then retired and moved to Cheltenham where we had the opportunity to get to know him and benefit from his all-loving friendship and fellowship that you may have cherished as I have. During his time in Cheltenham, he continued to give his life to serving and caring for the many people surrounding him, as well as people afar who have crossed paths with him. You may not know that Patrick continually remembered many of you who had gone back to your own countries and prayed for you. Though he is now at rest, we hope that you all might retain the warmth and the light he has provided by the bright flame of his life. 

You are invited to join his family at his funeral online on the coming Friday, 22 January at 1.30pm UK time. The link for the funeral is below, which is the church facebook page so it can be watched live or later. You do not need to be a member of facebook to access it.

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